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Brainfuse HelpNow, JobNow, and VetNow offers live and on-demand help with a tutor. Thank you, Oklahoma Department of Libraries, and the Institute of Museums and Library Services for offering Brainfuse to Oklahoma libraries.

get homework HelpNow Free online tutoring for all learners

Students work with live tutors using an interactive whiteboard to chat, write, draw, copy & paste text or images and graph homework problems. Use HelpNow for homework help, skills building and test prep.

Get help finding a JobNow. Free online career assistance for all stages of job hunting

Job-seekers can get live online help, powerful tools, and other resources. Get professional résumé review, job-coaching and career help.

Get live help transitioning to a civilian career

Support for our community’s veterans and their families. VetNow offers help navigating the VA, academic tutoring, and help with employment transition.

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