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The Purpose of the Friends of the Sayre Public Library is:
anibull1.gif (1271 bytes) to foster closer relations between the library and the community.
anibull1.gif (1271 bytes) to support and cooperate with the library in developing library services.
anibull1.gif (1271 bytes) to heighten public awareness of the library.
anibull1.gif (1271 bytes) to stregthen the promotion of library services and resources.
anibull1.gif (1271 bytes) to enable the library to enhance services, expand programs and add new dimensions that maximize the library's role and usefulness in the community.

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to assist in the identification of community needs.
Will you help determine the direction the Sayre Public Library will be taking as we cross over into the 21st Century by joining today? j0094829.wmf (6348 bytes)Membership Form bd07179_.wmf (56506 bytes)Friends Officers & Meeting Dates and Times
To join the Friends Group, Click on the Membership Form page, fill in the information, print and return to the Sayre Public Library with the annual dues.   That's all there is to it!!  Thank you for your support!

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